Narcissistic uk

look like going this way

“Facebook is to offer digital safety training to every secondary school in the UK as part of a new partnership with youth charities.”

In the past 20 year so UK school still one of the worse in Europe. The idea have children digital ambassadors.

is only way to push children to be good in the world.

do they ever lean.

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more from Amber dumb

“Shops will no longer be able to sell acids to people under 18, Amber Rudd has pledged.”

can someone tell Armber Rudd that more law you make more easy to break.


“Mrs Rudd announced a major investment in technology which will track down indecent images of children online and remove them at an unprecedented rate.”

so let make UK great again by over blocking the net. and make more waste.


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dumb way is used taxpayer money

the exhibit will open in September of 2018 next year. The focus? Sexism and violence in video games.

labour and troys are in the same boat.

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Peter wanless does’t know the Law

“Although there is no minimum age, no child should be left on their own if there is any risk”

so foolish this NSPCC and CEO who like end child abuse and yet does’t know what the law said.

the law said the minimum age to be house on they own is 13.

so much this PR news from children charity funding by LGA and CEO is pay more them PM Theresa may.


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Loose Women is full of crap

I was look what on TV today see this.

four year old kill a puppy.

and you be think why daytime show is full of carp.

I find one from the web about this link over here 

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She back

How long since you left 

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My birthday today

I hope you having a nice weekend I having one too so far.

here one I went to black country Museum on Friday it was fun.


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