note of the day

“The problem is something scientists refer to as the precautionary principle: Policy should be made in accordance with our fears that worst-case scenarios might come to pass, no matter what the costs or consequences.”

bad law = bad outcome.

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well I got my forza horizon 4 and start playing it so far try do it in the James bond way.

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let make Britain worse again

1 let make Britain tech hell 

Social media giants should cover the costs associated with policing drug dealing networks, Security Minister Ben Wallace

2 stella creasy MP like to make misogyny great again.

I think it time call Britain the worse in the world.


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Secret Barrister is spot on

here Secret barrister vs the fake news media.

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has NHS been to a gays football match

“As uncomfortable #football and #EngCro truth. Domestic Violence and the are closely linked, with reported incidents up by 26% if England plays, 38% if England loses and 11% the next day, win or lose. Think first.”

you think why is NHS is worst in the world using taxpayer money going to the 25-year old hoax

NHS need spent money on this.

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fifa world cup

so now fifa world cup have start will be the same. and it my birthday today. fun going on the

for me I be online later bye bye

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I back

Hello how are you today I been a busy bee so far and need to do a lot of update. I still here but I do mixer. now and again. I hope I get back to blogging soon.

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