Peter wanless does’t know the Law

“Although there is no minimum age, no child should be left on their own if there is any risk”

so foolish this NSPCC and CEO who like end child abuse and yet does’t know what the law said.

the law said the minimum age to be house on they own is 13.

so much this PR news from children charity funding by LGA and CEO is pay more them PM Theresa may.


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Loose Women is full of crap

I was look what on TV today see this.

four year old kill a puppy.

and you be think why daytime show is full of carp.

I find one from the web about this link over here 

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She back

How long since you left 

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My birthday today

I hope you having a nice weekend I having one too so far.

here one I went to black country Museum on Friday it was fun.


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a gardener sum it up

“It reflects the fact that, when everybody was booking for Chelsea last year, it was when Brexit happened and everybody got a bit nervous, but I think next year it’s going to get back to normal.

if only if have more Gardener on the it.

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pay more on you bill

Theresa May has said her proposed cap to tackle “rip off” gas and electricity prices is needed because competition is not working – as she denied borrowing the Conservative election pledge from Ed Miliband.”


she said you have to pay more TWAT.

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a fake charities gone bust

this gem turn up

A charity for LGBT people that collapsed after receiving £1.4m in public money was “chaotic“, according to a National Audit Office report.

Broken Rainbow received at least £120,000 a year from the Home Office between 2008 and 2016.

this one worst things out all this is. this is a Domestic Violence Service UK

a charities make law.

this is why fake charities need to end.

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