more then one reason Jamelia was Axed

Jamelia has reportedly been axed from ‘Loose Women’, after her controversial opinions came under fire from some viewers.

I sure they more then one reason she been Axed of

  1. she want quack come to porn with no fact
  2. “I don’t believe stores should stock clothes below or above a certain weight. [Bigger people] should be made to feel uncomfortable when they go in and can’t find a size.

    “I do not think it’s right to facilitate people living an unhealthy lifestyle.” ( not the sjw tyre)

  3. jamelia bro or half bro done for murder or somethings I don’t know.
  4.   she love Thugs This is no joke.
  5. piss off ITV

It look USA daytime quack have come to the UK.

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me and what now

So far I have my mate I know her for some time now 1st time after college for 6 or 7 year. now got a group now we can played on I go to MCM coimc con in march. I still be going in November. me and djlegg going have fun. so I see you online.

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he just a PR twat

this come in to mind.


Mr Arif said ” when you look at those been arrested, charged, convicted and those who travelled to  Syria, they mainly did not go to the established mosques. Some of them came from broken families or were disillusioned”

last time I watch channel 4 news about Anjem choudary blog over here .

funny that idea that prevent is not working and here why.


She was recently invited to speak at a school but when an Islamist group told them she was “Islamophobic”, they cancelled. “This from a group who are openly anti-semitic,” she says.
She is constantly meeting “well-meaning, liberal teachers” who will meekly agree to the demands of strict Muslim parents on the modesty of a school uniform or skipping religious education classes.
and the same time same prevent team who doing it and try to under minds it.
Mr Arif need more tax money.


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are they that dumb

The family of murdered schoolgirl April Jones have started a new petition calling for all sex offenders to remain on the register for life.

they all fucking know sex offenders register don’t work.


Unable to track down the author of the original petition, the family launched a new one hoping for the following three key aspects:

  • For all sex offenders to remain on the register for life
  • For service providers and internet search engines to be better policed over images of child abuse
  • A call for tougher sentences for people caught with indecent images of children

why the fuck the this tougher on crime work.

we has too many for them in jail. so can we put them police cell now.

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and this is news why

Sir Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome are among five British athletes to have their confidential health records leaked online.

only 2 USA sport stars was guilty for lie about doping so it not news. just bad loser from Russia.

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Leave.EU are twat

what make Team GB unhappy about well it this.


Leave.EU, part of the successful Brexit lobby, was sent a letter demanding that they stop cheering on British athletes – and claiming that they are proof the UK can be a successful nation outside of the EU:

you see here that Leave.EU is breaking the law.

which do not contain these marks but suggest an association with the Olympic Games or movement (e.g. by containing images of Team GB athletes, congratulatory/good luck messaging to athletes or retweeting Olympic related content), without our consent constitute an infringement of our intellectual property rights.

twat like twat now day.

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If you like porn so much why don’t you go live there?

keep true word form spEak You’re bRanes on the spectator health

true health can be good for you so how quack still love bad health.


This article grossly misrepresents the current state of the science. It cherry picks a few outlying studies, and selects 3 reviews that were not actually reviews, while ignoring 9 reviews of the literature by top neuroscientists. Lets’ start with what Stuart omitted:
1) 15 studies that link porn use/porn addiction to sexual problems. List of studies here –… – (it also contains 30 studies that correlated porn use with lower sexual and relationship satisfaction)

2) 26 neurological studies and 9 recent reviews of the literature. List here –… So far, the results of every “brain study” (MRI, fMRI, EEG, neuropsychological, neuro-hormonal) offer support for the concept of porn addiction.

A few examples of Stuart’s Google-searched, cheery picked papers:

1) “The Emperor Has No Clothes: A review of the ‘Pornography Addiction’ model'” by David Ley (the author of the Myth of Sex Addiction). This “review” is anything but objective. In fact, it wasn’t a true review of the literature. Virtually none of its claims are supported by the citations cited, It omitted every single study that reported problem associated with porn uses. It made false claims that are unsupported by the references. It has been dismantled line by line here –…

2) “Pornography Addiction in Adults: A Systematic Review of Definitions and Reported Impact.” – Again, this wasn’t an actual review. It omitted all 26 neurological studies cited above. As a results, it’s conclusions are unsupported by the science.

3) “Is Pornography Use Associated with Sexual Difficulties and Dysfunctions among Younger Heterosexual Men?” – The abstract doesn’t mention a pretty important correlation: Only 40% of the Portuguese men used porn “frequently”, while the 60% of the Norwegians used porn “frequently”. The Portuguese men had far less sexual dysfunction than the Norwegians.

Elsewhere, the authors acknowledge a statistically significant association between more frequent porn use and ED, but claim the effect size was small. However, this claim may be misleading as analyzed a different way (Chi Squared), … moderate use (vs. infrequent use) increased the odds (the likelihood) of having ED by about 50% in this Croatian population. That sounds meaningful to me, although it is curious that the finding was only identified among Croats.

The paper has been formally criticized by Danish porn researcher Gert Martin Hald’s editorial comments echoed the need to assess more variables (mediators, moderators) than just frequency per week in the last 12 months:
EXCERPT: “Third, the study does not address possible moderators or mediators of the relationships studied nor is it able to determine causality. Increasingly, in research on pornography, attention is given to factors that may influence the magnitude or direction of the relationships studied (i.e., moderators) as well as the pathways through which such influence may come about (i.e., mediators). Future studies on pornography consumption and sexual difficulties may also benefit from an inclusion of such focuses.”

4) “How the popular media rushes to judgment about pornography and relationships while research lags behind” – As the other 2 reviews above, It discusses porn addiction, but purposely omits all 26 neurological studies listed in my second link. It says it analyses studies related porn use to relationship problems, but omits nearly every study listed in my first link that reported negative effects on relationships (30 studies listed). It omitted the very first cross section/longitudinal study published – Does Viewing Pornography Reduce Marital Quality Over Time? Evidence from Longitudinal Data, 2016, which concluded that porn use caused relationship problems.

5) “June 2016, a report from the Australian Study of Health and Relationships (including about 20,000 participants)”… – This was a country wide cross-sectional study. 25% of the men never used porn. The other criteria was having seen porn once in the last years – 75% of men. This tells us nothing about chronic users of porn or the age group described in the BBC article – young men who grew up using porn. That said – 12% reported having “bad effects from pornography”. 12% is quite large when we consider that this was cross-sectional, all age groups – and 25% of men and 60% of the women never watched porn. Nice job of hiding the stats Stuart!

yes nice on hollisfergus some link go to 404

and this asshole

This absurd, mindless and utterly irresponsible article assumes readers to be a stupid as its author. Ask any porn addict what porn has done to their relationships, sex life and their general psychoemotional health. Porn can be extremely dangerous for those vulnerable to its toxic affects. There are countless sex addiction centres where porn addicts work extremely hard to overcome an extreme form of sex addiction. Our culture’s obsession with scientific proof is a manipulative mechanism to seduce people into believing that only knowledge derived from scientific measurements is worthy; and therefore science should be funded with billions. Yes, scientists want to hold onto their jobs, salaries, pensions and security. Of course science brings important knowledge BUT not the only knowledge. As yet, science has not proven the existence of thoughts, but we don’t doubt they exist.

well the gov put taxpayer money in how porn mess you bran turn out they was none

science has got it bad late so far. it about the science has  christopher snowden on side of science.


by the way I keep the link there so to see how bad science work and and how they waste taxpayer money at the same times.

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