has NHS been to a gays football match

“As uncomfortable #football and #EngCro truth. Domestic Violence and the are closely linked, with reported incidents up by 26% if England plays, 38% if England loses and 11% the next day, win or lose. Think first.”

you think why is NHS is worst in the world using taxpayer money going to the 25-year old hoax

NHS need spent money on this.

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fifa world cup

so now fifa world cup have start will be the same. and it my birthday today. fun going on the mixer.com

for me I be online later bye bye

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I back

Hello how are you today I been a busy bee so far and need to do a lot of update. I still here but I do mixer. now and again. I hope I get back to blogging soon.

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Count Dankula a non news to the uk media.

since now count dankula now been found guilty of hate speech law. but children self-harm is in the news.

so much for freedom a.

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My day with the Grid and Promo girls

I been a week since I went to the save our promo girls protest. it not like a gamergate level it was small and the wet. And well know was at bullring Saturday. I was meet new friends. It was fun out but it was slow. we been waiting for long into 13:30 we start the mach.




We start at the bullring ending at Bull st

Come to think about all this is we do need promo girls that we need promo boys. they was not media in the UK most for it was online.

we have A good time hope we be back for how well it age.


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Remainer making fool out themselves

this is gold

“Mansplaining Remainer Terry Christian rather embarrassed himself on Question Time last night by continually shouting down, berating and interrupting any panel or audience member who dared to support Brexit. He was upbraided several times by host David Dimbleby for continually butting-in, yelling and attempting to force feed his Remain propaganda to viewers.”


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Kent Police Doesn’t unerstand karl marx

Parents could be prosecuted if their children engage in sending indecent images over mobile phones, a police force has said.

Kent Police says it is a crime for a child to take or share an explicit image or video of themselves or anyone else under 18 – a practice known as sexting if it is done on a mobile phone.

The force says parents could be liable if their name is on the contract for the phone.

Detective Superintendent Susie Harper said: “If a child’s mobile phone contract is in his or her parent’s name, then the parent can be liable for what the phone is used for, and any indecent material that is saved or sent from it.

“That could mean police turning up at the family home with a search warrant, property being seized, potential arrests and innocent people being suspected of serious offences.”

I be happy to give them a book to the Kent police.

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