Sky vs Virgin

so this is now a war sky and virgin I be looking of this a long time
telewest beat sky on they own game. And now Virgin and BT take down the big boys. So this is it the Big one has the uk has never see on it.
and yes sky is suffing from the ‘Broadband blues’

About heydj48

I am xbox live player. and a gaming. I bolg on msn space in 2006-2010. like outing playing game and doing some jumping other world.
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3 Responses to Sky vs Virgin

  1. P says:

    Hi Kevin,Thanks very much for your visit.Yes, we are now seeing a Virgin vs Sky battle…And I don’t know who will win?Take care,Phil.

  2. ALEX says:

    hi kevin. with regards virgin/sky …ive spent 5 days yes 5 days trying to purchase a phone online from virgin, 3 times they took the order over the phone as web site was @opps having difficulties’ as they said to me, 3 times the order didnt arrive, 3 times i waited in all day for a delivery that didnt happen. Moi thinks if they cant even deliver a phone wen its ordered do they deserve customers in the first place and who are they kidding taking on the big boys at sky if thats the case. Have a nice week. xxx

  3. P says:

    Hello Kevin,Thank you for your comments.I think Cable is best for Broadband and Telephone.Bye for now.Phil.

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