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is this v end of sky?!

if you like see the football. you need go on sky or buy sky sports. but now time to said goodbye to sky and the yaers of all the sports. now sky face more hot water with EC. that all. 

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red nose xbox live day

it was red nose day and xbox live day was on friday you can say it the big one and you coud not make it up show.   2 thing i said   1 online all day   2 fun all day   if … Continue reading

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make itv a pro-ana

this show call The Truth About Size Zero. this is the Itv new low or make. Itv the pro-ana show what the hell is itv thinking. pro-ana love this show my money is not in Itv thank you so much. your … Continue reading

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uk shamed again. ( it not as we think.)

Britain is the "number one" destination for human traffickers from the Baltic country.,,30000-1254584,00.html         UK school pupils face most exams in the Western world uk school pupils face most exams then the western world according to Unicef, … Continue reading

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