uk shamed again. ( it not as we think.)

Britain is the "number one" destination for human traffickers from the Baltic country.

UK school pupils face most exams in the Western world

uk school pupils face most exams then the western world according to Unicef, the UN children’s charity,,2083851,00.html

they were 850 million people with malnutrition in 2006 — 198 million in India. Several African nations are suffering badly, including Kenya and Sudan. why the uk is to be like african.  By DAVID WOODING
and TOM WELLS,,2-2007210095,00.html



Brits among world’s worst whingers at work  sunday13 may
 you love telling people how much you hate your job, you are in good company – Britons are among the worst workplace whingers.

On the subject of wages and working hours, British employees come second only to the French in terms of unhappiness.


Brit-made kids’ TV replaced by foreign imports

new survey shows that kids are now swamped with repeats and imported shows.


Britons’ "obsession" with fame is demonstrated by the fact more people vote in TV talent shows than in general elections, a new travel guide says.





UK banks among EU’s worst

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bank customers in the UK are getting a raw deal in terms of service compared to some of their European counterparts, according to a global report out today.



 OFFICIAL figures have shown that in some parts of the country, as many as one in 22 teen girls had an abortion last year.

MONDAY 06 AUGUST 2007,,2-2007360187,00.html

 "Children live crowded lives. We’re not making their lives easy by pressurising them, whether it’s the claustrophobia of gang culture or the claustrophobia of intense achievement in middle class areas."

Children were not given the opportunity to grow up at their own pace,

archbishop Dr Rowan Williams Archbishop of Canterbury

the guardian and (the daily telegraph in full),,2169879,00.html

Stag parties plaguing Eastern Europe

UK firms ‘losing out to bribery’ 16/010/07 bbc news
Bribery and corruption is the fastest- growing economic crime to hit UK firms, a survey suggests.
UK has top teen mum rate 18/10/07 the mirror
Britain has the highest rates of teen pregnancy in western Europe, a report out yesterday showed.
Boring Britons are a flop in bed. or what we call it. briton is the wost conuty to have sex metro 10/10/07
Boring Brits are being urged to get busy in the bedroom in a bid to lift the UK off the European sex scrap heap.

The UK came bottom in Europe for frequency of sex in a new global sex survey.

Now countrymen and women are being urged to get in touch with their sexuality – and no longer be the butt of jokes from our continental neighbours.

britons is the sicks country in europe


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