it time of eggman

It time of the egg. and will be not the last of it the compuer. give you a very happy easter of now.
now it time be bin the locl kick off. with the easy bit what the same agin it easy to said it. but easy to lock up. then hit a all time high if the egg korwn samething and have a god in you hand. some one said not happy get knok but what this will have a big mess up. so in may the 3th may you vote are I get the some one get you to vote.   

About heydj48

I am xbox live player. and a gaming. I bolg on msn space in 2006-2010. like outing playing game and doing some jumping other world.
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One Response to it time of eggman

  1. P says:

    Hi Kevin,Thanks for your visit and comments :)I hope you enjoy the rest of your extended weekend.Take care,Phil.

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