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no for 2008

what to end the year to said this no for 2008 now is batter

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for xmas

so in the time for the xmas thing well you see it all. and so go and see dr who 

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we like to said happy xmas and lol.

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I am here

Well I here in maurities look at the new and the same. look at the time I am in maurities nice wather good tv. I maen (mbc 1 2 and 3) TF1 TMC RTL9 and M6. today we had a bit of rain and … Continue reading

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I off

Well I off the Mauritius. For the good old kicking and Take my QI with me look for well the Qi thigs. and  so far gamepoint is go up and up so be it for now and of me I have my … Continue reading

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bum wipe America bomb America….. movies

hello this year is not being a good year of the u.s. of a lots of why. but it got worse by put in pro-war and a anti-war iraq movies. so let talk about kill the 1st one is Redacted it … Continue reading

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