National Society for the Promotion of Cruelty to Cartoons. I mean children

sicne last year I was in Mauritius I read about l’express. they was talk about the slow death of cinema halls I talk about what is the bad about piracy dvd. I had I one IAN MUSGROVE  from the xbox team said.

I think the problem with copied dvd’s is the larger illegal activities it can go towards funding.  Also many pirate movies are purchased by parents for their children, now don’t get me wrong I know money at the moment is tight on the whole but what those parents are doing is demonstrating it is ok for their children to buy them too, it is installing rot at an early age.  Also especially when children view a copied film they lose the appreciation for what the directs, actors and production staff have created, they cannot marvel at it in its full glory.  And one last thing you can get single disc editions for very little from the supermarkets these days so really there is no excuse for buying copied/illegal films.  God don’t start me on the games industry LOL 🙂
and the bad news this is what happeng now. one from the (nspcc) National Society for the Promotion of Cruelty to children. Dr Zoe Hiton said

The NSPCC supports making non-photographic pictures of child sexual abuse illegal. We know from working with police forces across the UK that these types of pictures are more frequently appearing in the possession of people who are arrested for, or charged with, offences relating to child abuse images.

Our contacts with the police lead us to believe that non-photographic pictures of child sexual abuse, such as drawings, cartoons, or computer generated images, are an established part of the wider pool of child abuse images in circulation. The fact that many of these images are currently legal implies a degree of acceptance or tolerance of depictions of child sexual abuse, and we want the law to send out a clear message that such depictions are unacceptable.

In practical terms we have found that the current legal status of these images means that they cannot be physically removed from offenders or confiscated by the police. It also reduces the effectiveness of therapeutic work which challenges perpetrators’ beliefs that child sexual abuse is acceptable. Practitioners tell us that offenders use non-photographic images of abuse to rationalise and legitimise their own abusive thoughts and feelings toward children.

It is also important to point out that The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, which amends the Protection of Children Act 1978 (Part 7, section 84), already covers pseudo-photographs. In the UK it has never been necessary to prove that an actual child has been abused for an image to be considered illegal. The reasoning for this was based in part on the wider, damaging impact that such images could have on society. This is the approach that we continue to support.

Some of the recent media debate surrounding the new reforms has suggested that the materials to be made illegal will cover artistic works, or be mainstream in nature. NSPCC does not believe this to be the case. As we understand it, the proposed thresholds mean that these materials are not something that anyone is ever likely to make or view unintentionally, unless they stumble across them by accident on the internet.

Let’s be clear that what we are talking about here are non-photographic images depicting serious sexual abuse and violence against children. And with that in mind we would urge the UK government to make such images illegal.


but Quack Zoe Hiton and nspcc do not know about a big bormdon of child sexual abuse. last year I was in mur. I have wacth mbc 1 news here women was nick for chlid sexual abuse violence and chlid trafficing all Mauritius mp when mad and the pm Navin Ramgoolam. they was talk the Trafficking in Persons Report 2008 – Mauritius they not very happy about it.

even more I unhappy about is chlid safe like nspcc. said believe that non-photographic pictures of child sexual abuse, such as drawings, cartoons, or computer generated images, are an established part of the wider pool of child abuse images in circulation. yeay if think carking down on non-photographic images. to Protection Children is more impoter then carking down on fake non-photographic are piracy dvd. I find this mad.

if you believe that non-photographic pictures it can go towards funding child abuse.

you just giveing the fake trate the boost.

so I ask what is the nspcc is doing backing a law. that put children. more at risk.





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