You couldn’t make it up!

when your get a newspaper you get this. the crazy EU ban this and ban that. but this not a oddball. and not news but one you think you could make it up! but you couldn’t . bec the today news is this. Welcome to Mexico: land of dope-pushing evangelists and crazy Catholic exorcists. yes you couldn’t make it up! bec mexico in the crisising but a lot why that end up in this mess. dope-pushing is the 1st 2nd the pope and crazy catholic 3th HIV. the pope siad abstinence will stop HIV but it not HIV and 4th nuttns.
then you get The Archbishop of Mexico City, Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera, said yesterday that the existence of the devil must be taken as fact, without exaggerating or minimizing his actions out of skepticism or credulity taken to the extreme.
During a conference for exorcists in Mexico, the cardinal said skepticism leads many to deny the existence of the devil and dismiss his actions as psychological, socio-cultural or paranormal phenomena.  Others, out of extreme gullibility, see the devil everywhere and grant him supernatural powers as if he were God, the cardinal stated.
According to the Archdiocese of Mexico City’s news service, Cardinal Rivera said that many people embrace esoteric and occult practices because of their estrangement from God.
He encouraged exorcists to appeal to the Virgin Mary for help, as she plays a special role in the fight against the demonic.  “She brings us to Jesus, she protects us and cares for us in this difficult ministry … Mary also participates in exorcisms. She herself is an exorcist and expels the devil through her sanctity,” the cardinal stressed.
I be very happey if Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera did a appeal to the Virgin Mary for help, as she plays a special role in the fight against the evangelists.
bec so far mexico is in a Hell hole.

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I am xbox live player. and a gaming. I bolg on msn space in 2006-2010. like outing playing game and doing some jumping other world.
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