Ecpat and the fictitious scourge

we feel like biteing one thing to the next. but what odd about this one. is they are team up with the body shop.
but we not do this but like to know How to lie with statistics and this it call Ecpat.
And here on the BBC is the dubious CEOP report on the possible trafficking of potential children again, this time with an even more dubious survey by the campaign group Ecpat that finds that 10% of 1,255 people are unaware of the dubious CEOP report. Worse still: ‘The survey also found that 22% admitted buying fake DVDs or visiting brothels, which can perpetuate child trafficking.’ So can crossing the street without looking left and right or entering a room without knocking, of course; you never really know.
this is a bit for a odd part 1. buying fake dvds link to chid trafficking.
2 visiting brothels bosst up child trafficking
3 what happing if it never here.
but we know why. it here

Well if the Government legalised people enjoying themselves in a brothel or with a joint, then the money simply wouldn’t end up criminal hands. Hardly the fault of ordinary people when it is government policy that has made these trades illegal.

yes pissing you taxpayer money and money form the body shop so they can stop child trfficking.

but ever pissing you money well he own here con mp David Cameron.

but it been a blow for Ecpat when the entry for Ecpat on Wikipedia is flagged for being written like an advertisement, which by my own loosely conjectural reporting style means you can’t trust them as far as you can throw ’em. Alas, the only backing I can find for such scurrilous accusations is among the usual suspects, such as, which accuses Ecpat of ‘statistics laundering.’

and a blow for mps. new evidence has been published which fundamentally undermines the government’s arguments in favour criminainalising those who pay for sex.

here one thing I know who read the army. you can do some thinking but don’t team up with some looy.

hat tip  flat earth news and melon farmers


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