miss turs miss giu and misslid Why Anti-trafficking need to stop playing with munber.

In the news today on bbc london. Proposals by the Metropolitan Police to disband its specialist human trafficking team have been attacked by several leading charities. the same several leading charities was used muber has 1.8m and 80,000 Human being taffcking.
so what I can start with 1st.
We go Death of Baby P 2008 .
here they was  The Jersey child abuse investigation  an investigation into historic child abuse in Jersey. It started in the spring of 2007 and became public in November that year. It received international attention when police moved into Haut de la Garenne, then being used as a youth hostel. everone in the uk was in the news everone for this jersey chid abuse investigation.
jonting 3th of August 2007 Peter Connelly died for child abuse. age for 1
Baby p don’t not get the same news said The Jersey child abuse investigation.
In November 2008, the Deputy Chief Officer, David Warcup, expressed "much regret" that misleading information had been released throughout the conduct of the enquiry, athough this has been bitterly contested. Warcup stated that there was "no evidence" of any child murders at Haut de la Garenne, although the Sunday Times and other media have pointed out that the original investigation had also made this point, nor was there any indication that bodies may have been destroyed at the property. He said that initial reports of blood spots, secret underground chambers, mysterious pits, and metal restraint shackles, were all innocuous or misidentified.

On 11 November 2008, Jason Owen, 36, and his brother Steven Barker, 32, were found guilty of "causing or allowing the death of a child or vulnerable person".[7] Tracey Connelly, 27, had pleaded guilty to this charge.[7] Earlier in the trial, Jason Owen and Tracey Connelly had been cleared of murder due to insufficient evidence.[22] Steven Barker was found not guilty of murder by a jury.[23]

A second trial occurred in April 2009 when Tracey Connelly and Steven Barker, under aliases, faced charges related to the rape of a two-year old girl. The girl was also on Haringey’s child protection register. Barker was found guilty of rape, while Connelly was found not guilty of child cruelty charges.[24] Their defence lawyers argued that this second trial was nearly undermined by bloggers publishing information (linking them to the death of Peter) which could have prejudiced the jury.[25]

Sentencing for both trials together took place on 22 May 2009 at the Old Bailey. Tracey Connelly was ordered to be held indefinitely, until "deemed no longer to be a risk to the public and in particular to small children", with a minimum term of five years. Steven Barker was sentenced to life imprisonment for the rape, with a minimum sentence of ten years, and a 12-year sentence for his role in the death of Peter,

to run concurrently. Jason Owen was also jailed indefinitely and will serve at least three years.

and some same gorg who fix in to The Jersey child abuse was in london said shame on england. for let baby p dead.

yeay it not help when you fix the mind on The Jersey child abuse

I be happy to said Shame on baby p gorg fix on the Jersey child abuse.


Pic form ITV news form ITN

now now.

here been sex blog Good one. on  

Sex at the Margins to the wisdom of whores
When last week been 3 pleaded guilty for child abuse they not said a wond about who they was.
but past 2 year Me and mousie. was worry that we been lost track about how what and why this happing.
and now Anti-Trafficking done a p.e.t.a foce this news on us with pseudoscience and pseudohistory but one bolg go all that
so why is the Metropolitan Police to disband its specialist human trafficking team for
Anti-trafficking need munber from news or form thenself. or other.
We been wasteing tax payer money on something that helping but sad int’s helping
Human traffcking team keep on miss 1.8m or 1,542
but who no one them Anti-traffcking.
so the next time you at the Old Bailey or the Bristol Crown Court just say SHAME ON ANTI-TRAFFCKING.
one of the several leading charities or not is Michele Elliott, founder of children’s charity Kidscape said this.
Spiritual America’ is simply ‘soft kiddy porn’. For her, even the warning sign at the entrance of the room in Tate Modern that contained Prince’s image is problematic, but not because it compromises the gallery visitors’ experience (after all, if you’ve been warned that you’re about to be shocked, the shock element of an art work is inevitably subdued.
yes we put a warning sign on Kidscape and several leading charities. who force us to lean pseudoscience.
come on Michele Elliott you know  you doing dumb thing. will end up will more child abuse then less child abuse.











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