this video from today Article.
 If you everday life they said don’t hang with nerd. they are a bunch Loser.


But it not the same when come to Anti-trafficking

now this is comeing in a bad timeing.

Nick Davies did a Article in the The Guardain about Inquiry fails to find single trafficker who forced anybody into prostitution.

I can know is Trafficker don’t forced anybody into prostitution. bac they back.

Nick Davies has said this

Only 22 people were finally prosecuted for trafficking, including two women who had originally been "rescued" as supposed victims. Seven of them were acquitted. The end result was that, after raiding 822 brothels, flats and massage parlours all over the UK, Pentameter finally convicted of trafficking a grand total of only 15 men and women.

A very small munber.

I only watching movies in mu call tarie they said 80,0000 Confused I was

Nick Davies is spink out bec we taxpayer burn money on fail Rescued.

this will made Anna span Angry

bac she pro-sex and she no fan for Anti-sex

evertime sex come on Anna span talk about with the Anti-sex and go on shut down.

but many then will back then with mixing 2 in 1. like Rahila Gupta who is a member of Southall Black Sisters

Article Sex trafficking is no illusion she said

The UK government’s actions are part of a concerted European attempt to tackle trafficking. If sex trafficking is a chimera, then not only the UK but the EU has been duped. To challenge the scale of the problem in the UK, you have to challenge the Europe-wide response. Women are often pushed around various parts of Europe. "Natasha", a 17-year-old Russian girl I met, was taken to Brussels and made to work there before she was sold on to a trafficker in London. Her pimp was convicted and imprisoned for seven years, but only because she finally agreed to the harrowing experience of giving evidence against a man who had terrorised her. Women like her already face a "culture of disbelief" among immigration officials keen to reduce the number of women who get leave to remain in this country on the basis of their experiences. Articles such as this will only make things worse for them.

I not to sure this what she said

1 Natasah a 17-year-old Russian girl end up being 17-year-old Russian girl. when she read age 20?

I Confused what is member of Southall Black Sisters doing talk about it

Rahila Gupta miss the point.

the most like do it are

but one note the next time your think nerd loser.

try think 1st and say we do need the nerd.

why bac the loser are the Anti-sex 

 Prostitution and trafficking – the anatomy of a moral panic

Draft Report: statical assessment of victims recovered and suspects arrested during the operation pentameter


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