Have the bbc gone trafficking Mad

This year the bbc 3 are doing the line up for get 16-30 good show. so they go kick start with.  Stag Weekends: The Dirty Secrets 
Boazman’s film includes an interview with a man called "Tibor" who has allegedly organised the "export" of several Slovak prostitutes to Western Europe. The interview is introduced by the reporter’s commentary as a result of which it becomes clear to the viewer that "Tibor" is a stereotyped "devil incarnate". The BBC reporter tries to illustrate his thesis by the interview that the women in question are on the whole pitiful, helpless passive victims of criminal practice. "Tibor" attempts to explain in the interview that reality is different. Hearing this, reporter Boazman throws a tantrum and his commentary becomes emotional. The overall impression from the film can hence be summed up in this statement: "British men who travel to Prague for sex thereby support organised crime and the sexual exploitation of women."
some Q&A for Simon Boazman and bbc
1 did the paxman said you made it up
2 are you wasting taxpayer money for this show

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