Is Feminism starting to be anti-science

Is Fi’s slogan, "Feminists have better sex" an innocent joke, like ‘Blondie has more fun? Or is it an attempt to create a sense of superiority, which is actually contrary to what feminism was about from the beginning?
Is it a joke, it is a dangerous one.
The Swedish state feminism has already made himself known to spread the message to the effect that Sweden is the best on gender and that Sweden is the most feminist country in the world.
So when the claim that feminists have better sex also spreading over the world, I’m probably not alone in feeling that this is not the kind of feminism that I believe.
It is easy to forget that there are different kinds of feminism and ideas on how to achieve an equal society. Some of us think that an important step is to dismantle the hierarchies that ranks as good as ever in our lives – all those curves and points system is to show why some people are – or performance – better than others.

From this perspective, replacing Fi’s campaign only one hierarchy with another. Here, feminists are ranked highest. Someone may think that this is a cute way to reuse a worn cliché, but for me it feels as stale patriarchal view of cargo.
Fi’s argument also lacks scientific evidence, even though they claim the opposite. It is impossible to measure sexual relations or to know who is good or bad sex.
In the article "The Interpersonal Power of Feminism: Is Feminism Good for Romantic Relationships?" the psychologists at Rutgers University in New Jersey three issues to consider in the survey:
My relationship is sexual satisfaction.
Sexually would my relationship be improved.
How often have you thought about having a sexual relationship with someone other than your partner?
The result – that feminism might be able to improve the quality of a relationship rather than that it could undermine the quality – hardly evidence Fi’s claim. The research says nothing about the sexual experiences that are valued higher than others. But perhaps Fi thought they could get feminism to appear more desirable if the research had used the word "romance" per se.

Gender equality advocates fail sometimes to understand why people engage in acts that may seem unfair, which serve as the bottom or top of intercourse, for example. There is no scientific formula for good sex: Even people who have come to what satisfies them play, have different experiences at different times. Sexual counseling and therapy can only recommend different positions and techniques – not guarantee sexual satisfaction.
In the 60s, hoping the women’s movement that women’s feelings and thoughts would blossom into the full freedom, after millennia of oppression and silence.
The idea was to find out what women liked and not liked, but not to stick to rigid ideas about what specific thoughts and actions that are best for all women.

Elin Grelsson criticized Fi’s campaign for the creation of new ideals, instead of smashing the current, in an article in Expressen in December. Schyman and Sword replied that they are aware that sexual satisfaction can take many forms. Is it true that this is not "better" the term they should use to describe their own sexual relationships.
To claim that feminists are good at dancing is one thing. But having "Feminists have better sex" as a slogan seems ofeministiskt of us who want to see the world where everyone has sex on their own terms, without having to know us better or worse than anyone else.


and here something you like

I am British and lived in the US for 14 yrs. I recently moved to Germany with my husband and 3 children. We are hoping to stay in Germany or Switzerland for many reasons. One of the main reasons I do not want to return to the UK or US is the way young women and men are being socialized. I think the UK is in fact worse than the US. Girls are being objectified and young men are staying adolescent into their 30s and beyond. In Germany children are still children and 5 yr olds can walk to school alone. The sexuality is a healthy sexuality. Nudity is considered normal in certain contexts (such as the spa) but ALL people will be nude of all ages, not just teenage girls in sexual poses.

I would also like my children to eventually be able to marry happily as adults. So may young people in the US and UK do not understand marriage and do not seem capable of a committed relationship because all they know is hedonism and they are encouraged to be narcissistic, they also seem very unhappy.

– Catherine, Mannheim, Germany, 25/1/2010 10:11

So more Anna Span and less bourgeois women.


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