going the wong way

The independent report by Baroness Stern was commissioned by the government last year in response to ongoing concerns over the level of rape cases resulting in convictions.
this is very sad for women and girl who are suffing from rape.
the uk is about 3rd or 2nd in the eu table for rape convictons. the wost was sewden.
I go for uk 1st why the uk rape convictions.
only I konw is some fake charities did play thir part for of the much-quoted 6% conviction rate I not yet name name yet bec I don’t like so end going wong way.
sewden easy why bce they have a very poor case and bad law.
pc bloggs did a blog on this go have a look for it.
 now I can name the fake charities who waste time and money 1st is rape crisis
here one for they dumb myths

Does pornography lead to rape?

Studies show that of the 200 million people online at any time between 25 to 30% are using pornography sites. The only words entered in search engines more often than ‘sex’ are ‘the’ and ‘and’. At the time of writing there were more than 400,000 websites worldwide that offer child pornography, which is illegal in every country in the world but despite this there was a 345% increase in child porn websites in a 5 month recorded period in 2003 ( Cornwall Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre).

There are differing opinions on this issue within society.  However, in the majority of pornography, women are depicted as the passive image and men are in control of what they use that image for. This form of inequality may lead to some men wanting to replicate that power relationship with real women, not just images.

Research has shown that exposure to ‘extreme’ pornography increased risk of developing pro-rape attitudes, beliefs and behaviours, and committing sexual offences. Although this was also true of some pornography which did not meet the extreme pornography threshold, it showed that the effects of extreme pornography were more serious.

Except for the minority of people who think that you should show anything, including rape – everyone supports some form of censorship. Therefore, it is not a question of being for or against censorship; it’s about where you draw the line and why. Why should one censor? Take advertising as an example. If advertising didn’t work, multi-national companies would not bother spending literally millions on advertising their wares. If the adverts have an effect on society and the buying public, then we are entitled to assume that pornography will also have an effect.

you just make thing up when go a long.

let’s make clear Rape is a crime. rape it not sexy it not cool it not nice and it not fun. and for child pornography the same.

Rapecrsis don’t have a science to back up  

but here this that does back up by science porn is good for you.

Stern Review of Rape is up


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