mun net pc gone mad

it not all ever time you mun don’t like the way the uk is going. so they try think they can way from the 3 main peaty but they did not win any body with this non-bolg What the Lib Dems really think about children and pornography. the broaem with mun net they keep on going on the pc war. Try to said they not kill joy in tv. and yet they more like to be kill joy.
best one from jennie bristow who is not a fan for mun net.
 It gives them a space to hang out with each other (a good thing), and elevates these immediate, everyday concerns to the status of political debate (a very bad thing).
I should stress – as a hardened non-Mumsnetter – that the reason for the elevation of the petty and the personal is not the fault of social networking sites. It is the result of the degradation of politics. Politicians’ obsessive focus on parenting, and the manic writing of policy documents designed to engage with the modern family, has not arisen because today’s parents really want and need a daily official update on how to bring up their kids. It is more about an attempt to find a role for policy when large-scale social solutions seem no longer convincing, and attempting to engage with a public that seems increasingly distant and disengaged.
they like idea for benefits  and Sure Start.
but mun net wong idea Sure Start don’t work.
has Stossel show you why it dose not work.


the only thigs at mun net need to do is stop this non-blog BS are they end up will the join up with ohter kill joy and lose fan at the same time.

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I am xbox live player. and a gaming. I bolg on msn space in 2006-2010. like outing playing game and doing some jumping other world.
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