Any law abiding citizen can end up in jail at any time


The child porn witch hunt endangers any normal law abiding citizen. One may be arrested and kept in jail at any time for no fault. This is why the term witch hunt is appropriate.
Simon-Timmerman, an American pizza delivery guy, bought a bootleg DVD in Venezuela. It has sex videos of 19 year-old teen Little Lupe.

  1. nobody got endangered,
  2. no danger of intimidating witnesses, of damaging victims.
  3. No prior criminal record.
  4. No damage would be done leaving the “perpetrator” out of jail while investigating and during trial.
  5. Of course, alleged child molestors, kiddie pornographers are at special risk to be anally raped in prison.
  6. proof of age was right on Little Lupe’s web site’s 2257 declaration. It is insane to be arrested for possession of child porn with a 2257 declaration right on the internet. It is a witch hunt!
  • Carlos Alfredo Simon-Timmermann was lucky that there was only ONE well known porn star. Were this a movie with 20 girls, or a home video with unknown girls, he would be doomed. As I said: "guilty until proven innocent"
  • He could have bought a different non-sexual movie (for example, "Avatar") and by accident it was mislabeled and contained porn. Too bad, 20 years in jail!! "in dubio contra reo" (if in doubt, decide against the accused)
  • The video could contain old, formerly legal Dutch videos with 16 year old girls doing hard core porn produced legally 20 years ago. Sold inadvertently in a garage sale or by a pirate copycat. Doom. Life ruined, 20 years in jail. Even if it was inadvertent and he thought he bought the Video "Avatar".  More here: Child porn & underage sex witch hunt analyzed
  • He could have bought old collections of Playboy, formerly legal dutch magazines, a certain 1970′ies issue of the reputable German News Magazine "Der Spiegel" with a cover story about Lolita. Or a british tabloid from the 70ies with a 15 or 16 year old page 3 nude girl. Jail for child pornography. (yes I know, it is "adolescent erotic photography", but for the purpose of obfuscation and propaganda adolescents are called children and erotics are called pornography) see “Child Porn” Witch Hunt: Insane Laws
  • His daughter might have left some photos of herself on the computer. Or his son surfed some web sites and encountered child porn. 20 years in jail. Or he might have nude bath photos of his toddlers
  • It is almost impossible to be safe. Like a middle age witch hunt. It can get anyone, any time. There is no legal safety for good law abiding citizens. It can get anyone, even a middle aged feminist woman who bought a mis-labeled DVD or carries a computer she bought used or loaned to her porn surfing son.


This month, a Brooklyn pizza-delivery guy narrowly avoided a wrongful conviction for child pornography. Wrongful convictions might not be that unusual, but this case certainly is: the man accused has a porn star to thank for setting the record straight.

In August when returning from a trip to Venezuela, Carlos Alfredo Simon-Timmerman was stopped en route in Puerto Rico when custom officers found pornographic DVDs in his backpack. One DVD was called "Little Lupe the Innocent — Do Not Be Fooled By Her Baby Face." Customs investigators reviewed the DVDs and determined that actresses in the films were underage. They charged Simon-Timmerman with trafficking in child porn. Nobody knew the ages of the girls or women in the films, but authorities decided to err on the side of assuming Simon-Timmerman’s guilt.

It would eventually take Little Lupe herself flying from Venezuela to Puerto Rico, testifying in court and displaying her passport to prove her age to the judge and lead prosecutors to drop the charges

Source: "

it look like we are living in the law can be ass when it like to a ass

tihs was waste for tax payer money.

Now, where here are human-stupidity, unconsciousness, blindness, taboo?

  • there is fear and panic of underage sexuality, underage depictions, photos,
  • purposefully created confusion of violence and non-violence
  • confusion between children, adolescents
  • total confusion thinking that looking at a photo taken 30 years ago, damage will be caused.
  • Even if the photo or movie were totally legal 30 years ago
  • total taboo of rational thinking. Academic researchers will be intimidated so they will not talk the truth. See persecution of academic research in the case of the Rind Study
  • violence, killing, maiming, vigilante movies, all is legal to show and not supposed to create damage, imitation. Any depiction of underage sex is, by dogma, supposed to create violence against children. See Pedophilia witch hunt discussed by academia and press
  • Any childhood sexuality or depiction thereof, by unassailable dogma, is considered damaging. Especially if it involves an older partner.
  • Lot seems to involve religious beliefs, but religion has been around for 2000 years and Michelangelo could depict young nude boys without being jailed for 70 years. So it must be a more recent effect.
  • The most parsimonious explanation really is given by the
    • the feminist trade union is fostering their agenda,
    • to make sure that men will stay faithful to aging middle age women
    • by making difficult or impossible men’s access to younger, prettier, more attractive women
    • and even their depictions

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