three reason why Sweden end up like this.

It was the Bad night for Sweden then the Sweden Democrats has wins 20 parliamentary. Sweden has been have a bad move for three reason.
reason 1 the welfare state that sweden in.
more sweden are in welfare in any other EU other asylum seekers on welfare too. so why asylum seekers not geting job. and the 2nd why sweden not a job
reason 2. multiculturalism.
multiclturalism can only work if they get right. but sad sweden paying for sex cirme has been a mess up and ohter has end up been rise of racism in past some year now and has Laura Agustín said "we cannot expect daily life to change overnight because it does."

reason 3. where are they now.
some like the feminist are going or at the UN. to said look we did we this we did that. you do too. feminist not keen for not see how attempts to achieve good intentions have led to horrible results rape has been go up since 1999 and 2009.
it make sweden the 1st hit for the far-right SD (Sweden Democrats) wins 20 parliamentary on sunday it not be easy for the EU get use for the far-left and far-right. what happing next.

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I am xbox live player. and a gaming. I bolg on msn space in 2006-2010. like outing playing game and doing some jumping other world.
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