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Our Children In Need for slave

The BBC raises stacks of dosh with their Children in need campaign. here the money you wish not gone in to. Eaves Housing for Women London £146,828 The project will provide support and activities to children and young people (together … Continue reading

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gun crime

The mother of a teenage murder victim is backing the release of a film which examines guns and gang violence in Birmingham. Although the film is fiction, it’s hoped its gritty realism will turn teenagers away from a life of … Continue reading

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note of the day

“The real problem for the government is the British people themselves. …The British are, to judge by the complaints of their rulers, under-educated, obese, uncultured, apathetic, uncitizenly, and cannot be trusted with guns, alcohol, punitive canes, sugary food or even … Continue reading

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why the west is wasting taxpayer money on make wost

“I saw many Western men that had come there not to go to the Buddhist temples, not to come there to look at the beaches, not to do anything at all but to molest and have sex with children. It’s … Continue reading

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Is the Daily Mail is anti-Christian

Only 40,000 are registered on the official census, but in the mid-Nineties, he estimated that there were around 120,000 ‘active engagers’ in paganism, a number he believes could have doubled since. paganism is part of Christianity. you have half pagan has … Continue reading

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note of the day

“My father told me that welfare is probably the worst thing that ever…happened to black people. There was a time, after slavery, when a black man was as likely to have a child within the confines of marriage as was … Continue reading

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Baised BBC and MTV in Cambodia

So the BBC was not open about why women and children in cambodia are working in the sex trade. so why the hell the BBC is using our money to do this show about sex trafficking. and for MTV is too is biased. a … Continue reading

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