Our Children In Need for slave

The BBC raises stacks of dosh with their Children in need campaign.

here the money you wish not gone in to.

Eaves Housing for Women
£146,828 The project will provide support and activities to children and young
(together with their mothers) who have been negatively
affected by domestic violence.

so the BBC not only give money to fake charities like Eaves Housing for Women.
and all so Eaves take more then 10% our tax payer money and love make more Bad dumb LAW.

but yes it has.

Hat tip old holborn and grumpy old twat

update here a good post from Ambush Predatoronly men  I can only see one way to avoid this and The Department Of 20/20 Hindsight And Elephant-In-The-Room Avoidance….

Are the London Feminism are anti-white. are something.

If you like this you will like Red nose= Red face.


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