Snitching and the cops kill you.

"If you have had any dealings with Operation TRIDENT or the Witness Protection Unit (CJPU) we would really like to talk to you.

Are you thinking of providing the police with information ?

Have you been offered Witness Protection in exchange for information ?

Do you want to know what kind of snakes you are dealing with ?

Need any help in deciding what to do ?

Want to know about all the false promises ?

Want to know how they destroy family’s.

Want to get the truth ?

You can contact us, 100% confidence, we will never ask your name or details of the crime. We will be able to give you first hand accounts of how OPERATION TRIDENT have ruined the lives of witness’s, you will be able to listen to REAL covert recordings and watch video’s of how they actually deal with you. And you will be able to hear and see for your self how quickly they turn on you if you change your mind about helping them.”

is it why the police cps anti-gun and victims groups watsing taxpayer money on poor suff.

and one thing

Gary Trowsdale, from the Damilola Taylor Trust, which helps young people in inner-city communities, said: “The police should be stamping down and trying to find out who put these leaflets out and taking criminal prosecutions against them.

“It’s well beyond irresponsible. It’s disgraceful and it is not protecting the community.”

yes it like kids will look at good stars like o yes they is no one.

Det Ch Supt Stuart Cundy said: “Engaging with us is not snitching but about protecting your community.

“Information from communities is vital to solving murder investigations and we will continue to successfully protect our vulnerable witnesses.”

yes Det Ch Supt Stuart Cundy very ill in format.


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