To Gail Dines do you know what racism is.

If you been read Ed west who specialises in politics, religion and low culture. then you did your homework. but the fucking dumb women name Gail Dines see  dose not to get about the low culture. hat tip Dr. Marty Klein.

had been going down hill for lefty and the anti-lefty like Gail Dines she try so hard to get note about her anti-porn she going new idea is porn is racist.

but the good news is it esay to find here it is  Civitas book Racist Murder and Pressure Group Politics.

but 1st this what Gail said.

“In pornography today, men of color portray a variety of roles: aggressive, loving, playful, awestruck, horny. Mostly horny, just like white actors. And women of color do the same: they are, variously, submissive, dominant, demanding, and squealing with pleasure, just like white actresses.”

yes racial stereotypes from her.

if I did a porn movies that ban jew or black porn star. them no one buy my porn from me and go out and shut down my sex shop.

here form the late Norman Dennis on it this what he said.


This is “anti-racism”, and it is heavily influenced by a Marxist interpretation of race. Oliver Cox’s 1948 work Class, Caste and Race presents the idea that race originates in “a practical exploitative relationship” used to justify the exploitation of one group by another as part of capitalism.

Racism is created to justify imperialism, exploitation, and scapegoating when things go wrong, and to divide the population to prevent class consciousness from forming.

This, itself, is a racist idea, because it views only whites as being fully sentient actors capable of committing right and wrong, when of course racism, like all human feelings and failings, is universal.

is not make much at all thank to Big pressure Group like. UAF and cpg and women anti porn Group like Gail Dines.

 so Gail here some note from ed West

So if you consider yourself an “anti-racist”, you are, in fact, a racist.


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