Why we giveing money to India when they don’t need it.

Well for me be playing halo reach in net playing up.

I find  somethigs in comic relief  that you money wish not gone in to.

this is

Christian Aid


Amount Awarded: £103,333


Country: India


Project type: International – Street and
Working Children and Young People


In South Asia, it’s estimated that over 400,000 children have been subjected
to trafficking and prostitution. This project works with child survivors and
those at risk of exploitation by giving them an active role in their own
protection. For those who have suffered trafficking, the project offers support,
shelter and health education including on HIV. They are also given training so
they can campaign for more effective mechanisms to reduce the level of
trafficking and prostitution and improve government services to those who have
been involved. This project operates in three countries, with a spend of
£103,333 in each location.

Note: This information from 2009 might no longer be accurate.

Christian Aid are another set of anti-free marketeers. They are very active
in the Stop Climate Chaos and Make Poverty History campaigns. They organised a
‘Climate Change Day of Action’ in March 2009.
They make no secret of their political agenda, as Martin Drewry, head of
campaigns, told the Socialist Worker:

“What’s happening is the development movement is coming of age politically.
There’s the core few tens of thousands who are politicised, who understand the
problems of free trade, who understand what liberalisation means and why forcing
it on poor countries is wrong. Those people have a very important role in the
movement — to educate the newcomers.”
“Most of all it’s about fighting the forces of neo-liberalism that are
forcing poor countries to privatise their services and open their markets to the
rich countries’ businesses. That’s the real issue.”

In 2008, Christian Aid had a total income of £86,502,000. Of this total, some
20.8% came from government.


  • £8.1m from DfID
  • £3.6m from EU
  • £2.6m from Irish Aid
  • £3.3m from other governments and agencies
  • Total state funding: £18m

this is in 2009

today we giveing Amount Awarded form Comic Relief: £103,333

to get them out for Devadasi when they don’t want get out.

I find india about Devadasi QI is’t.

I don’t kown much about devadasi. But someone who been there or someone in India kown about this. but for now. I be busy doing the up bit and bot. so happy blogging.


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