Nadine Dorries is to sex as Chris Bryant is to benefits

from Max farquar and The Heresiarch

this what Nadine dorries said.

“One factor constantly ignored by society is that peer pressure is a key
contributor to early sexualised activity among the children of our country.
Society is focused on sex. Our sex education teaches children how to have sex,
not how to say no to sex. We ignore at our peril the fact that many girls feel
pressurised into having intercourse when they are far too young, when what they
actually need is their childhood…. We need to let young girls know that to say
no to sex when they are under pressure is a cool thing to do; it is as cool as
learning how to apply a condom. It is as important as all the other issues that
they are taught in sex education. It has to be taught alongside everything else
so that young girls can say, “I have been told to say no.”

and this what Chris Bryant said.

“I am a gay man, so I am not exactly an expert on heterosexual  sex or sex with girls. However, I say to her that this is the daftest  piece of legislation that I have seen brought forward.’

I think they need to buy this book By James Bartholomew.

I blame channel 4 for this.


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