Joan Smith A human rights hypocrite!!!

Joan Smith who a like women to be free.

but Joan Smith is a human rights hypocrite!!!

She love women to be free in iran.

but in the west well no. and here some like to do with women in the EU and the U.S.

geting the Gov in to they live. giveing a mix bag for women.

and wait for it.

here we go

“The election of Barack Obama was supposed to mark a
definitive break with the cowboy lawlessness of the Bush administration
. It
was supposed to be the moment when
liberals could feel solidarity with the US
, instead of wincing each time an American president claims leadership
of the free world.”

WTFF it was By Joan Smith.

Joan Smith a human rights hypocrite!!! and a BIG ONE

o one more things

They’ve issued this alarming edict even though there’s a glaring hole in their logic: detectives say
they’re “satisfied” that 25-year-old
Joanna Yeates arrived at her flat in
Clifton on 17 December, the night she disappeared, which suggests that home isn’t a particularly safe option for local
women either.

weak women Joan Smith.


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