this what the BBC won’t show you

Village Voice Media examined arrest records for juvenile prostitution in the nation’s 37 largest cities over a ten-year period. Law enforcement records show that there were only 8,263 arrests in these cities for child prostitution during the most recent decade, averaging 826 arrests per year. This number is a far cry from the 100,000 to 300,000 number of child prostitutes advocates and the media have been trumpeting for years.

Roll over each city to see the year-by-year statistics of child prostitution arrests for each city.

Return to “Real Men Get Their Facts Straight,” the Village Voice’s story on underage sex trafficking.

so the Guardian to did the sex trafficking we kown that sex tarfficking was a lie it was the come on top.

and the same newspaper gun down the news of the world. try this one big.

But I not buying in to this one it not news.


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