is backing a Fake Charities manlier?

so far I can tell the uk press are not have a good time.

but some how they back freedom for the press but  if only one word vs they.

not so for  The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women  and Alicia keys who think is good idea to held the protest in front of the Village Voice building at the offices of Village Voice Media Holdings, LLC, owner of

I will not backed Alicia keys protest for a reason.

and reason is this

Fake Charities is the site that tracks just how much of your money the government is giving to “charities”—and at this time of The Big Society, Fake Charities is more relevant than ever.

Just to remind you, a Fake Charity is any organisation registered as a charity with the Charity Commission that derives more than 10% of its income, or which receives more than £1 million, from the state.

Additionally, these organisations will probably spend a large amount of their time lobbying the state to curtail our freedoms, although this is not a prerequisite for inclusion—after all, by applying to be recipients of the state’s “largesse”, these organisations are already actively colluding in theft and curtailing your freedom to do what you will with the profit of your hard work.

Because, of course, we say “the state” but the state has no money apart from that which is extorts from taxpayers. So, when we say that such-and-such an organisation takes x amount of money from the state, what we actually mean is that they accept—no, actively plead for—x amount of money extorted from taxpayers under pain of prosecution.

The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women is a Fake Charities which receives more than £1 million, from the state and the UN.

that taxpayer money wasting on lie and more lie.

why Alicia keys fan and ill-info man backing a fake charities. that take money the taxpayer and make lie out it.

backing a Fake Charities is not manlier.

I give money Charities do need it like this one.


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One Response to is backing a Fake Charities manlier?

  1. bebopper76 says:

    This is what Anti-prostitution groups including the Salvation Army, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, government officials, and various anti-prostitution groups: Traffick911, Not for Sale, Change-org, A Future Not A Past, Polaris Project, Salvation Army, Women’s Funding Network, and the Dallas Women’s Foundation want.

    They want to promote and encourage – Telling lies to the public about Sex Trafficking, and Prostitution:

    News video on Super Bowl Human Trafficking Myth:

    News report Sex Trafficking charity caught lying and stealing money:

    Good website on sex trafficking:

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