will someone think for Baby P

Hello you facebook. yes you. Baby P was dead some time a go. all up in arm about PM at the time 2face PM think the girl was 16 well she was (26) at the time.

I look at The Centre for Independent Studies. today it call.

of Do Not Damage and Disturb: On Child Protection Failures and the Crisis in Out of Home Care in Australia.

here some of it.

The trauma experienced in dysfunctional family homes is compounded by the

consequent harmful instability experienced in care (multiple foster placement

breakdowns caused by behavioural and other problems). By the time ‘high needs

kids’ reach adolescence they are severely disturbed and distressed, and exhibit

uncontrollable, threatening, violent and self-destructive behaviour. They can no longer

live safely with their biological parents or in normal foster homes; very high cost

residential care is the only suitable option. Increasing the size and cost of the residential

population is a default measure of the poor performance of child protection services.

for the baby P sorryism child portection will be failling all the time. and end up more DJ** thank to Gov and fake charities.

**baby name is Ryan**

hat tip Lindsay Mitchell



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