real men don’t buy girls that if you Sean penn you can part deux

none come to waste time and doing to put in the S**T newspaper call the guardian.

“This is not a cause of leftist flamboyance nor significantly a centuries-old literary dispute. But rather a modern one, that is perhaps unveiled most legitimately through the raconteurism of Patagonian fishermen. One perhaps more analogous to South Africa than a reparation discussion in South Carolina. As a result, we must look to the mutual recognition of this illusive paradigm by both countries, when in the 1970s, the United Kingdom and Argentina were indeed involved in open-minded diplomatic negotiations for claims on the Malvinas/Falkland Islands.”


“Here is what needs to be known: the principal re-sculpting of my remarks by irresponsible journalism was to encourage the inflammatory notion that I had taken a specific position against those currently residing in the Malvinas/Falkland Islands, that they should either be deported or absorbed into Argentine rule. I neither said, nor insinuated that. The UK and General Augusto Pinochet (with ultimately timid support from the US) along with the diversionary invasion by the former Argentinian regime, did a fine job of leaving little room for that argument on today’s world stage.”

did Argentinian  men buy girls in at the time for the Argentinian regime. no

ok then so what I can see Sean penn talk like he got none things to said. if with be happy to to put him in pro-government Anti-government we all be doom.

but good news he been bin.


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I am xbox live player. and a gaming. I bolg on msn space in 2006-2010. like outing playing game and doing some jumping other world.
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