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for Hunt E-mail

Guido Does this sound like a “completely transparent, impartial and fair” process? Advertisements

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The Welfare State and the Selfish Society

Does capitalism and the free market make you selfish? Dennis Prager, best selling author and nationally syndicated talk show host, answers this question and challenges what for many has become conventional wisdom.

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Anders Breivik

it going be a hell trial show. from ITN I not going to say much. But if we know this be the show trial of 2012 then don’t waste time watch it.

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the new boys band is comeing

Well not being doing much so far and the big 3 hitting a all time low. And stars who gone awol. the young are start to get put off with then. but this will be the new one for future. and the … Continue reading

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well that all for now

put that way a good old time off for now. I will do something bit by bit. but I put some music now. so happy blogging.  

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Brass Eye

If only the daily wail fail. look at the fact put this crap in the news. hat tip the Heresy and Anna    

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