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why we do not like isp blocking porn

form the last post idea of blocking porn from the porkers. a Threats Report form McAfee is why isp blocking porn is not a good idea. Advertisements

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if you was me what you do.

don’t take tip from a troy MP twat.

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you think the BBC is pro-torys they not.

look like blair team is back.  

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Evil banker

vote yes and you get no money of you child

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Obama by not looking at the fact

Look like all point the gun at Obama. old same old but LOL from newspaper like the  Failyhraph by a historian twat love gun down Obama. worse then that even the Daily fail put same news on it and pull out.  but look at the fact … Continue reading

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The Middle East Problem

they be 2 video up from the Prager University Prager University: The Middle East Problem and Is Israel an Apartheid State?  

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let’s have some fun

hat tip Max Farquar

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