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Has I put it this a new year old or more like more red tape to Protecting children from commercialisation and sexualisation.

sic the they all back it. here some end up with.

consulting on whether the current age rating system should be extended to cover more music DVDs and Blu-ray discs – to protect children from inappropriate material. Most are currently exempt from the Video Recordings Acts 1984 and 2010 as are sports, religious and educational products;

DVDs and Blu-ray-discs are in the Video Recordings  act you twat. we not dumb.

music sic they or we have dowload it for free no point

working with the music industry, online retailers and video services, to have clear warnings on explicit videos where they are shown online. Many online video services already do this, and by the end of the year, YouTube will provide the music industry with the ability to label their videos “explicit,” giving parents a straightforward way of checking whether they are going to be suitable for their children.

you tube did this when it start. and macafee and other. have done and we can buy it.

Setting stricter guidelines by the Advertising Standards Authority on sexual images in outdoor advertising, particularly near schools. Introducing new guidelines preventing children aged 15 and under from being employed to act as brand ambassadors or in peer-to-peer marketing campaigns. The guidelines have been produced by the Advertising Association’s Children’s Panel and have the support of companies including Procter & Gamble, Nintendo, Facebook, Microsoft and Unilever.

eerrr is this anti-job

and this the worse one.

Securing the commitment from the top four Internet Service Providers (BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin) that all new customers will be asked to make an active choice over whether they want to block adult content on their home internet connection.  The UK Council on Child Internet Safety has been working with the wider internet industry in the adoption of active choice across all internet enabled devices and internet access points. We will also consult industry and others about what more can be done to keep children safe online.

ISP are not gatekeeper.

so they you have more tax and more money.

update look at the all the same.

‘oh, porn is bad’.  But it’s cross party, supported by atheists, feminists, people who are extremely right-wing, those with strong religious persuasions, and that’s really good.”

the porkers you tax at work


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