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they just don’t get it

We debate a lot of things here on GMP, but one thing I am sure of is that this is a problem and it is wrong.  We should all do what we can to help the victims of this heinous … Continue reading

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Occupiers Anti-Child Sex Trafficking Conference or not Occupiers Anti-Child Sex Trafficking Conference

It  not new the 99% or I like to call get them to pay 99% of tax. But the thank to good old pal Laura Agustin. here are the two face Occupiers who are flip-flopping on Anti-Child Sex Trafficking. one Occupiers … Continue reading

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Channel4-BBC-guardian axis

It look like all the Habbo community are up in arm about Channel 4 news on monday but the young one have not note about Channel4 is the same as the BBC if you have look a at lot for the … Continue reading

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Give you to help the child and they give them a Gun

If you try to help the children form well you not in luck here this video. All paid for by Money from the UNESCO UNFPA UNIFEM and UNICEF Hat Tip A Tangled Web

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note of the day

 I can only draw the conclusion that 44% of parents are feeble minded fuckwits, unable to teach their progeny how to deal with the outside world.

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its not time for a grown up discussion

it so nice it has a grown up discussion. it odd then the McCartneyfailyhraph try it get one but fail all the time better off with Ed west. he know better then her.

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