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rape crisis have a crisis of rape

“The left wing of the anti-sex industry movement is a similarly backwards-looking anti-capitalism, where anti-commodification arguments are employed in the service of sexual conservatism.” iamcuriousblue this is not the 1st time. Miss Harman referred to it when she launched the … Continue reading

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Ms Viggósdóttir, a well-known Icelandic Women’s right campaigner, re-posts sexist comments made by men on the internet as screenshots in her Facebook album called ‘Men Who Hate Women’. According to Reykjavik Grapevine magazine, fellow Icelandic Facebooker Stefán Heiðar Erlingsson posted … Continue reading

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Former porker Labour MP Margaret Moran

Former Labour MP Margaret Moran was found by a jury at Southwark Crown Court to have fiddled her expenses claims to receive more than £53,000. form itv news one pork down.

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My day out.

It been two week when I went out to portsmouth I took some photo of Arcade in they and more be up later. here some more.   it look like Le Caudan Waterfront.

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taxpayer money go on Killing Christians, Burning Churches in Syria

go over the libertarian alliance and play this video.

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