rape crisis have a crisis of rape

“The left wing of the anti-sex industry movement is a similarly backwards-looking anti-capitalism, where anti-commodification arguments are employed in the service of sexual conservatism.” iamcuriousblue

this is not the 1st time. Miss Harman referred to it when she launched the Stern Review in September. and the same miss harman who try but fail to stop this review going online.

so why me going to look what rape crisis is doing well they like the stern review and so far they did use 6% but 11%

this what Baroness Stern said.

said the six per cent figure is widely quoted by politicians and the media and is “known and used by everyone in the field” dealing with rape.

“It is clear to us that the way the six per cent conviction rate figures has been able to dominate the public discourse on rape, without explanation, analysis and context, is extremely unhelpful.

“There is anecdotal evidence that it may well have discouraged some victims from reporting.”

but this is rape crisis they just SAY NO to lady Stern idea and being a lie thieving scum.

and here new one

“in our call for the elimination of all forms of violence against women – violence that includes rape, sexual assault, prostitution and pornography, trafficking, domestic abuse, female genital mutilation…”

ban all it. but rape will going up and women not call the police. if don’t work try this one

This year the theme of the Glasgow event will be “WOMEN ARE NOT FOR SALE IN SCOTLAND”. We want to speak out in support of the importance of promoting equality in Scotland for all women, using a challenging demand approach to prostitution and highlighting potential legislation to support this.

are you say Scotland need more rape?

it to much to ask about it. so I look in to they and this where you money go.

rape crisis Scotland  Total Government funding – £1,095,168

and now the rape crisis in england and

Home Office £75,000

DoH £45,718

Northern  Rock Foundation pay by tax payer £50,000

Home Office Government Office North East  £25,400

that make it £196,118

all the uk = to £1,291,286

yes it is fake charities and put in they why.

Additionally, these organisations will probably spend a large amount of their time lobbying the state to curtail our freedoms, although this is not a prerequisite for inclusion—after all, by applying to be recipients of the state’s “largesse”, these organisations are already actively colluding in theft and curtailing your freedom to do what you will with the profit of your hard work.

Because, of course, we say “the state” but the state has no money apart from that which is extorts from taxpayers. So, when we say that such-and-such an organisation takes x amount of money from the state, what we actually mean is that they accept—no, actively plead for—x amount of money extorted from taxpayers under pain of prosecution.

that why. not only they take more money from the taxpayer and all so they like make more law. to make women have less and less right.



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