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science has solves one things

Women who sell sex on the streets do not perceive their sex trading as negatively as their surroundings do. They primarily regard their activities as an effective way of solving their financial problems. that way if uk uncut and GMG … Continue reading

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and what did you think lock of 5 year

 5.5 year prison sentence for the 30 year old teacher who absconded with a 15 yo girl, now 16 years of age, to France? I hared giving him less when that.

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KISS GOODBYE TO chris willams

if you know why you poor service thank to mobile phone over blocking. we will have worse service over Broadband thank big 4 media co. but why we end up pay more for turn it off network level filtering. BT, Sky Broadband (BSkyB) and Virgin Media have all now … Continue reading

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what do i think about video game

microsoft all new games from xbox 360 come out they new one out look like xbox one but the xbox one still need be online all the time. maybe not for all. Sony ps4 all new game you can play … Continue reading

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On this porn and the murder of 12-year-old Tia Sharp

They have been talking full on BS on all the biased UK media, that porn lead to murder of 12-year-old Tia Sharp. The news that never was, about TV show that is now no longer on was call sin city … Continue reading

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thing to do when you have time in you hand

try to sings ‘Wonderwall’ in the Birmingham City Centre. Birmingham Updates

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