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the uk not going to Syria

MPs voted against the Government’s motion on the principle of military intervention in Syria. It was defeated by 285 to 272 votes. and MPs voted against Labour’s amendment demanding “compelling evidence” that the Syrian regime was responsible for using chemical … Continue reading

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What is the point having MTV?

I have not see vma on mtv be one time I used to watch it in the high time of my life. just like me and you best music and cool video. and move to 2013 music maybe the show … Continue reading

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is Theresa may dumb

home secretary Theresa May has announced a ‘modern anti-slavery bill’ which will be introduced to tackle human trafficking. A new ‘modern slavery commissioner’ will be appointed to monitor the work of law-enforcement agencies. Courts will be given the power to … Continue reading

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will benefits Britain 1949 work in 2013

no why Democracy won’t take it.

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text book of BBC and channel4 biased

when come to porn RT is more open about it.  you won’t get open up on BBC or channel 4.

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whiny so call liberal can’t even put a sentence right

she was not happy about the savers. on the blog but I find hard to read her post. Frances’ newsnight debut yesterday [watch it! This cuts straight to the panel] was all about savers. Savers are, understandably, annoyed. For a couple … Continue reading

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Fracking should get red tape or public mad

The whole of the country must “get behind fracking”, which ought to get “real public support” once its benefits are explained, David Cameron has said.   what the point is no more not much public like about fracking I idea … Continue reading

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