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U-turn has you want the man is coming back and turn

The Government has said it will review cigarette packaging in England to discourage young smokers. so if crime is start go up them you know it be them to blame if it. Advertisements

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question that the Telegraph did not get it

But one puzzling question remains. Why is it that only Labour MPs have been found guilty of expenses fraud as a result of the Telegraph revelations? because he was journalists and what make it even worse he cover it all up.

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Bull crap of the day

Men who remain jobless for more than two years show signs of faster genetic ageing, research has shown. Scientists made the discovery after examining a genetic marker of biological ageing in DNA samples from 5,620 Finnish men and women. because … Continue reading

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note of the day

“Politicians these days are no more credible a role model for the world’s impressionable youth than are, say, estate agents or porn movie actors” James Delingpole

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but other more about it

  there a all for Corrupt Capitalism! what a about GMG who don’t tax and get gov money and it part for the BBC and Channel 4 Corporation what about the Independent Print Limited who back press freedom. but he give money to … Continue reading

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QE don’t work

    and that the end of it you end pay back more on debt then US or the EU.

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what about freeze MPs.

A Labour motion, which called on ministers to introduce a 20-month price freeze on energy bills, has been defeated by 295 to 237, with a Government majority of 58. dumb dumb dumb

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