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blackmail for what

here some that why Lab and Troys can’t have both way Domestic abuse involving “emotional blackmail” – but no violence – could become a criminal offence carrying a heavy jail term under tough new measures published for the first time. … Continue reading

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You hear the word truth all the time. it all in you tube and RT and about the news they don’t cover and tv show that come with a lot for twist. this is call the Tunnel. it come to … Continue reading

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it call Democracy you fool

Here we go again this week we uni riot. but the worst come from same sex Marriage. one from one in Australia’s was strikes down by the court far worst was India. let me said what guy Fawkes said “He’s right. The only thing … Continue reading

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yes journalist are stupid

put in by a stupid Journalist I’ve been amazed by the ease with which criminals have used tools like TOR and Bitcoin to put themselves above the law. Not to mention the global postal system: you wouldn’t believe what you … Continue reading

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When You Mix Big Government and Big Business you get Corruption

Statists have tried to scare young people that there’s a fight over whether people have the right to access birth control. They’ll privately admit that this is just empty rhetoric (after all, there were no barriers to birth control in … Continue reading

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A day in Brmingham

well it was only of coca-cola         then later I watch Esther Turner sing she end up moving in a not a good space     and some nice one.     there be more soon.

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