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A victory for the rape lover

It look like loony EU having Loony labour way tax fund sucm make pay for sex a crime and guess what 343 in favour, 139 against, 105 abstentions. this idea come from Swedish idea well odd. from UN women Sweden have you … Continue reading

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NCCL and pie just old news

some note. If civil liberties groups won’t defend free speech for the unpopular, what’s the point of them? BRENDAN O’NEILL It just old to keep us want to know about them. more like waste of the news. reason why is … Continue reading

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don’t tax Violent Unless You Make Violent Video Games

It funny when cronyism is’t going away soon has you like to but if idea put money on they own bank. Preventing makers of violent video games from qualifying for the R&D tax credit. GOP the same has last 40 … Continue reading

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Me Kinky

I had a look a video call the Economics of Sex. I watch it and find a lot of wrong point.  Contraception won’t free in the 1970s marriage was going down with or without Conteraception the cost Marriage is keep going … Continue reading

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anti porn + big porn = crony porn

It nice to see both on same bed when come blocking porn but when come to Government don’t do a good job. it come had this. the guardian “Concerns about “overblocking” – preventing access to sites which children might need to … Continue reading

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when come to Jenny McCartney children need to be taught how to say ‘yes’

In my life time when you a carp school you end up carp. when come Jenny McCartney failgraph she don’t know when to shut up. here my best time. “You can see the problem inherent in NekNominate straight away: its inbuilt … Continue reading

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A MP who think you don’t have a right

Claire Perry ‏@claire4devizes  8h I’m undecided about today’s vote on smoking ban cars w/child passengers. Heart says “ban it”, head says “unenforceable bad law”. Thoughts? Gareth Llewellyn ‏@NetworkString  8h .@claire4devizes So you think you can’t ban smoking in cars (handsfree laws?) but you think … Continue reading

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