e-petition useless

This article really depresses me, as it makes me think that when I sign a petition, for example through 38 degrees, even if it gets more than 100,000 signatures it could be written off as a bunch of idiots.

Because that is what they are. Do they not understand even the basic elements of a modern market economy? Travel companies need to make a viable return across their whole year of operation. For that they do not want twice as many customers as thye can accommodate in the nice warm summer months and none at all at other times, they need to tempt people who can to shift their holidays to other times so that they can cope with the demand at the most popular times, and that requires price advantages.

Presumably he has a good moan about rail companies selling cheap fares outside peak hours, or airlines selling their tickets cheaper at times of low demand?

hat tip longrider

they are now.


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