minimum wage law is putting young out of the job and put on job seekers allowance

It not a Surprise for me yes to Monday My mom and me went to  Bloxwich Leisure Centre ed Miliband like to idea is a high minimum wage or living wage. It a dumb bad idea but it’s only going to get worse, only reason is to do with the question why is young unemployment more high then they were between 1996/97.

Here is how the new idea going to work.


“Ed Miliband will set out radical plans on Monday to tackle low pay, announcing that a future Labour government would set a statutory minimum wage target linked to average hourly earnings.

The proposals mark the first time Labour has suggested a long-term link between minimum wage and median earnings, rather than setting the figure in cash terms according to what the economy can afford year on year. Labour would attempt to reach the target over five years, and sees it as analogous to the government setting an inflation target for the Bank of England.

Miliband will not announce the precise figure until before the general election. But a recent Resolution Foundation commission report on the minimum wage, chaired by Prof Sir George Bain, the first chairman of the Low Pay Commission (LPC), recommended a rate at 60% of average earnings as a “reasonable lodestar”


This is why more young people are on unemployment benefits then finding work and so can’t pay the bill or rent. It’s high time to get rid if the minimum wage law and cut and bin NI aka employment tax.



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