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more red tape for women how nice

“Seema Malhotra MP said there was a “shocking” level of such violence in Britain and abroad. Her role will involve working on Labour’s Women’s Safety Commission, which will put forward new laws if the party wins the next election. The Feltham … Continue reading

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Evil Hollywood

“A few months ago we reported on the President of the Lithuanian Anti-Piracy Association LANVA, who was jailed for two years for drug trafficking. The boss of Iceland’s anti-piracy group SMAIS is not doing much better, it seems, as he … Continue reading

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this is why we need get rid of government-owned Corporation

“Mr Abraham called for more support from the Government, however, in the form of new regulations to force BSkyB and other pay-TV platforms to pay so-called retransmission fees to carry the main public service channels.” since we pay paying for … Continue reading

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me think David Cameron is weird

me think he living at he world David Cameron has announced that government policy will soon be subject to a “family test”. Every domestic policy will now be required to examine its impact on the family, as well as cost-effectiveness and … Continue reading

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I don’t get it about the British

On the 50th anniversary of the last state execution in Britain, a YouGov poll has found that 45 per cent of people would bring it back – with UKIP supporters the most enthusiastic. dose it make them thick and stupid.

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I hope this superfast broadband will fail

fun secretary don’t know what he talk about. Sajid Javid added that the effort was “firmly on track” to offer high-speed internet to 95% of UK homes and businesses by 2017. He said that fast speeds were “totally transforming the way … Continue reading

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the Queen of fail

Look like my home city have done that well have they think here why. Sky news The self-titled “Queen of Shops” has come under fire after her Government-backed bid to revive the High Street has shown little impact. Wolverhampton was … Continue reading

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