how did the Swedish model end up having 49 Sweden Democrats

Since the Sweden have a general election on Sunday. Since it not on tv or you can try on RT. the Swedish model with high tax and more welfare state. and a fair Sweden the out come mean be so good for them. but it turn out the loony from the left and the right.

1st it was the Feminist Initiative the loony left who win 0 who been back by loony. Gudrun Schyma who join Pharell Williams? on stage.

who have odd idea.

But what does it stand for? The Local takes a peek at the party’s key plans for Sweden.


  • An accessible labour market free from discrimination
  • Individualize parental leave schemes to boost gender equality
  • Reduce working hours
  • Combine unemployment, medical and social security benefits into a single social insurance scheme
  • Increase minimum pension rates


  • A more robust welfare system
  • Guarantee the right to full-time employment
  • Ensure access to childcare for people with irregular working hours
  • Strengthen rights to assistance for people with disabilities
  • Roll back RUT, a scheme that allows tax deductions for household services


  • Ensure education equality
  • Re-nationalize the education system
  • Encourage more critical thinking in schools and pre-schools

Security and human rights

  • Criminalize sex without consent
  • Open borders and amnesty for refugees
  • End weapons exports
  • Cut military spending

Sustainability and planning

  • State subsidies for cheap public housing
  • Tax greenhouse gas emissions from food production

what made worse for the Sweden Sweden Democrats who won 49.

who have the same idea has UKIP. did better and anyone in Sweden.

but the one things is to say is the sad truth about Sweden is going to get worse not better.


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I am xbox live player. and a gaming. I bolg on msn space in 2006-2010. like outing playing game and doing some jumping other world.
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