yes they do lie about them self being trafficking

It being since may that Somaly Man who resigned from the her own organization. and ex-husband who start speak out about lie they put in to Somaly Man.

But this not the question did she or the media lie. The question is do they have to lie to get taxpayer money to fund the organization. Only answer I can give you is yes. this is new well no from the last from labour Government they law call the Charities act that let Charities used taxpayer money to fund they own organization to help the poor and need.

But far too many times NGO or Charities use taxpayer money for self-interest passing more law. and that what end up some half NGO facing investigation miss used for taxpayer fund.

Bigging tax funding Charities UNICEF used the media to help the poor kids. need foods and end up with.

  1. fund to pass more law.
  2. money gone to the wrong hand
  3. try to end open Adoption
  4. lie about UK kids
  5. make news up when go long with it

And this come the CNN BBC Channel 4 crop and newspaper like New York Times and the guardian. they put them self in the news to get government not cut funding bang on that work. they do.

If they cut funding all the children will disk being trafficking.

And Government do U-turn after U-turn spent more when can’t spent any more.

when they Start find out not a singles children being trafficking and taxpayer is being miss used. then you being first one find out the hard way.

update The Somaly Mam Foundation have now Ceases Operations. well bigging losing is the taxpayer.


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I am xbox live player. and a gaming. I bolg on msn space in 2006-2010. like outing playing game and doing some jumping other world.
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