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The children propaganda

Taxpayer money wasted more children being abuse and now we got propaganda. “Young people are currently being groomed in “every town” in Britain, according to a charity. Parents Against Child Sexual Exploitation (Pace) says “thousands” of children are affected and … Continue reading

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Conservatives twats all years

“The Hunting Act has proved unworkable. A Conservative government will give Parliament the opportunity to repeal the hunting act on a free vote, with a government bill in government time.” if the Conservative Government who is still back the ban … Continue reading

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rh reality check don’t look at reality

I look at this I was not happy with it. the ESRB essentially controls the discourse of that controversy. And as such, the question of gendered sexual violence has been overwhelmingly—and disturbingly—absent from the conversation. can some twat tell me … Continue reading

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2mbps for this

you all know this by now. Ofcom considers this speed – 10Mbps – the typical requirement for a household in these days of video streaming and near-constant connectivity. pay more for poor broadband speed.

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the Brits are not doing the building trade well it they own bloody faults

you the taxpayer spent lot of money to get a good School but sad we end will this. “A survey of 2,000 bosses by Manpower showed that an economic upturn would see larger firms lead a job creation “charge” next … Continue reading

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some things you did not see in the news today.

this just make me happy A French prosecutor is demanding three to four months of suspended sentence and around a $2,000 fine for an ex-Femen activist, who imitated abortion in a Paris church. now can see the truth.

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soon or later they find out the hard way

taxpayer end up paying for it. As Vice’s Frankie Mullin points out, the new censorship rules will have less effect on large porn producers and mainstream sites, “which tend to favour the strip, blowjob, fuck, cum-all-over-a-woman’s-face formula, but the UK’s … Continue reading

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