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destroying history

come to now it been seven month now the what you call them now day. Is destroying everything in Iraq laura Agustin point out on the last post. so have the brain dead media try make more news about us little … Continue reading

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In the way I will doing a Mark Steyn on this last #bringbackourballs it is hard not to have total contempt about three missing British schoolgirls. I keep on see one-sides view point about the online gaming facebook twitter and porn. like we … Continue reading

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well that quacked

“But experts say the recommendations, which have been followed for the past 30 years, were not backed up by scientific evidence and should never have been issued.” it never was about health at all news from itv news

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The damning of all Damn in to Rotherham

The crony of the Rotherham council. has seen in full in the inspection report. all this time taxpayer money have been wasted on non-sex crime. what you get at the end all this  real sex crime get miss and what even worse … Continue reading

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The Smurth of fail

“Kate Smurthwaite. Smurthwaite’s comedy show, ‘Leftie Cock Womble’, is almost as excruciating to say as it is to count the number of tickets it sold (eight).” freedom of speech work.

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