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the discworld we miss

Terry Pratchett one for the best book he made and one we will miss. I been on of the show on tv on channel 4 in the 90s and to was a cartoon at the time and got in to … Continue reading

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isn’t this OTT LUKE GITTOS

three judges caught watching porn lets put self love on trial it is so easy now day mix up porn and love at the same time. and this is from spiked-online.

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the day is coming comic con

comic con is coming all the fun is wait for be there I see you in the weekend.

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Nigel Farage got a point about black workers in the uk

“The people the law doesn’t protect are British workers, black or white. Disturbing, though unsurprising, that you don’t care.” Nigel Farage most Black workers less like to get a job and more like be on pay check from the government.

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The Star Trek we miss

           The time of peace in the world that need in the world of today. we sad see the men who play and directer for star trek. I been watching Star Trek when I was a kid. … Continue reading

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Ed Vaizey doesn’t know what local TV is

“Obviously local TV has been a stunning success since its launch,” Vaizey said. “I was told several weeks ago that there are literally thousands of viewers now watching Made TV (in Bristol and Cardiff). Up in Scotland, STV has made … Continue reading

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