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well yes this show is racist

“The last thing that strikes me about Bella and the Bulldogs is that it is yet another example of SJW hypocrisy.” and this the same viacom who are one-sided Advertisements

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Red tape challenge is a joke

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Farage is spot on

unanimously back me, that’s not my fault, is it?”. Nigel farage

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BOO WHO you loser

well do you think that UKIP get most MP well no you loser you take down UKIP and Labour and Libdem with them.  and gone back to 2 party show. I give the show to gamer gate Sargon of Akkad. and … Continue reading

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Russell Brand The fucking Dickhead

the election 2 days away I made my mind up to spoil my vote. this year. some how some loser name Russell Brand yes v Russell Brand on you tube or other area. want us to vote. but big loser is … Continue reading

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