You going love this

this good start of the year.

the Freedom of Information Act should travel with taxpayers’ cash, ensuring that it is always under the protection of transparency whether it is spent by a company, a charity or a quango. That might be an irritation for some organisations, but it should be the price of being supported by the taxpayer – if you don’t want to answer to the people for your actions, then don’t ask them to pay your bills.’

and here why

The chief executive of the NSPCC earns (sorry, I meant ‘gets paid’) between £130,000 and £140,000 a year. The NSPCC is apparently reluctant to reveal his actual salary. But let’s say he’s on ‘only’ £130,000 a year, then 43,333 people would have to donate £3 each just to pay this gentleman’s rather generous salary.

like I say they use taxpayer money to make law pass law and enforce the law. and taxpayer are put the bill.


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