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I am xbox live player. and a gaming. I bolg on msn space in 2006-2010. like outing playing game and doing some jumping other world.


since I miss a lot in the weekend. some how Venus Rosales who end up  in you tube. she good old 3rd wave nutter go to Antifa. and fight and got Fisting. it be better off for me looking for … Continue reading

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Clean eating you need to stop it

when I was in college I have to do veg meat and kids food. I it have to be good to then to eat. today I bbc radio 2 jeremy vine about Clean eating. I like said I did my … Continue reading

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twat still being twat on this morning

did not learn the last time The parents of the toddler who took a wee on This Morning have revealed they were visited by social services following the incident. Adele and Matt Allen shocked the nation last July when they … Continue reading

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he right you know

Paedophiles should not face jail for looking at pornographic images of children unless they are a physical threat to youngsters, says Britain’s most senior child protection officer. Officers should instead focus on the most dangerous offenders who have access to … Continue reading

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St May of busybody

that what call her soon Theresa May has announced plans to tackle what Number 10 calls “heinous offences” of domestic violence as the Government admits victims are being “let down by the legal system”. ok the word Victims what this … Continue reading

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If you like to know why the UK brain dead media is losing to RT

UK Media treat her like S**t 

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Brexit and quack news

when they not happy about fake news they feel like wee over the tv. this one is why we call this fake news for. As Marriage Foundation research has repeatedly shown, these changes in family structure have driven family instability. … Continue reading

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